Hydrason Solutions Limited is a high-tech company based in Scotland creating a new level of information from their new generation of wideband sonar systems. Hydrason manufactures advanced sonar systems for underwater acoustic surveys, providing solutions to industry problems that cannot be tackled with existing sensors.

The Hydrason Wideband Sonar (WBS) system sets new standards for acoustic object detection and identification in complex environments, redefining the cutting edge for SMART underwater sensing. Through intelligent signalling and sensing, Hydrason’s WBS recovers information unavailable to a conventional imaging system. By providing new knowledge on the interior of objects, their composition and their structure, the WBS signifies a paradigm shift from detection and matching to true recognition.

The wideband sonar revolutionizes sensing underwater and opens up new survey and operational capabilities for the offshore sector. The system has been proven in MOD and E&P backed trials. It is unique in being able to accurately locate an underwater object and identify its structure and composition. It is unique in being able to deliver high-level information on objects and their contents with no direct contact with the structure.