Wideband Sonar

The BioSonar is a truly intelligent sonar system, which provides an innovative, technological solution to many of the problems associated with underwater sensing.

72% of Earth’s surface is covered with water and the challenges of finding, identifying and characterizing anything which lies underwater are daunting. The marine environment is difficult to access and dangerous to operate in. For an increasing range of complex tasks, traditional sensing approaches provide only partial information and often may not work at all. New sensors are needed to solve these challenges.

In order to develop the best sonar apparatus we took our inspiration from the best natural sonar systems: dolphin sonar. Dolphins, through a million of years of evolution, have developed a solution to the most demanding subsea sensing challenges. Using their sonar they are able to locate and unambiguously identify their prey.


  • True recognition from wideband responses
  • Intelligent pulse control
  • Information on internal characteristics
  • Onboard processing for real time custom applications
    • 800 MHz ARM core processor
    • Scalable architecture
  • Compact system suitable for range of platforms
  • Up to four channels at full data rate
  • Modular design for easy upgrade path
  • Complements existing sensor suites

To visualise: where standard sonar produces black and white images, we provide contextual ‘colour’, additional information identifying, for example, seabed types or man-made objects.